Sunday, July 13, 2008

Facebook for Everyone

As part of my role with KDP, I've been working with social networking technologies to design and create a system that uses various online tools to reach specific audience groups. The long-term plan is to reach different constituent groups using different means, but to draw them together in such a way that we can provide services and support members in a way that connects with what they want most. It's fascinating and fast-moving (and creative), and even better, it's working! If your company (large or small) is wondering whether it's time to create a Facebook or LinkedIn presence, I recommend the book Groundswell to get you started. Very insightful. Four stars!

Microsoft Mindshare Gets a New Look

I've been writing the Microsoft Mindshare newsletter for going on four years now and continue to love it. Each month I research the latest and greatest happenings at Microsoft (which includes getting inside info from the various product groups, including Windows Vista) and pull it all together in a newsletter for user groups that meet all over the country. The newsletter includes links to new articles, free trial software, training webcasts, presentation kits, and much more. Last month we launched a new site through our partnership with CodeZone, and it is super slick. The site enables you to tailor your content to deliver just what interests you most--Windows Vista, consumer applications, programming, or other interests. Whether you're part of a user group or not, you can come visit the new Microsoft Mindshare at