Sunday, November 27, 2011

What is essential is invisible to the eye

The Little Prince said that, and he was right. :) When it comes to messaging--any messaging, I think--the intention behind what you say or write or print or broadcast carries the content forward. This is why mediums and movements that have split or contradictory messaging never put down roots and grow; they are at odds with themselves, unable to unify and become a solid path for that intended message to cross and reach the hoped-for audience. This is also why less-than-honest messaging ultimately fails: clients don't trust you, customers don't come back, new prospects feel "worked"--because they are!

How can you create messaging that is truly in line with what you want to achieve? What do you truly want to achieve? And will it be acceptable to the masses? Being in business is a good thing; wanting to do well can be a healing aspiration; and growing your work effort--seeing the fruits of your labor expand beyond your wildest dreams--would be a blessing to many, and maybe to all! So why do we need to hide our desire to do well behind messaging that doesn't tell the whole story? I think this shoots businesses in the foot and takes us out of integrity with ourselves; our messaging turns back around and the flow gets confused, like a tidepool or estuary, great for growing bacteria and pond scum but not so great if what you're hoping for is a rip-roaring flow!

Maybe for this holiday season, we can open our minds to new ways to present our messaging in an honest, direct way--a way that lets customers know what's real, shows them how our product or service can help them, and gives them the respect and freedom to make the choice. Ultimately it's that respectful and ethical treatment that builds trust and keeps people coming back. And you may be surprised how quickly it breathes new life into your business and buoys your own inner feeling about what you do. Wouldn't that be a great way to start the new year?

Happy holidays!


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