Thursday, May 07, 2009

Greening the Planet via Computer :)

Every good project changes things, internally and externally. When I write about blogging, I learn more about it and develop new best practices. When I struggle with XML in Word 2007 (and believe me, I struggled with it! ), I emerge having learned a lot of helpful and real-world techniques that other everyday people like me might need someday. When I research and write about running a small business, using Office apps more efficiently, or find little stones of experience to share on Practical ~faith~, the finding and sharing enriches my own life.

This has just happened in a big way with the Green Home Computing for Dummies book I've just finished for Wiley (with my coauthor, Woody Leonhard). I absolutely loved writing this book--getting into the soil of the environmental challenges we face, figuring out how to articulate energy use, needs, and alternatives; developing and compiling thoughtful possibilities for ways to make better choices and spread the word--these opportunities and others have changed me. What a great project! I joined the Society for Environmental Journalists (and outward commitment for an inward change) and will be doing much more writing about the greening our digital lifestyles. For now, if you feel so led, you can join the green_computing twibe (Twitter group) and add your own thoughts, tips, and suggestions for greening your computer use.


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