Monday, January 29, 2007

First Look Book wins award

[Update: January 29, 2007]
The First Look Office 2007 System book recently won a Distinguished award at the Society for Technical Communications. That's a great honor! My editor, Val (who is a talented photographer as well) sent the packet today. This book was one of the most challenging I've ever written because of the fast-changing nature of Office 2007 as it went through it's alpha and beta cycles. So many Office program managers took time to give me information, details, backstory, and interviews. It was a book unlike any other. I'm glad others are enjoying it too!


Blogger josephwinterhalter said...

HI, Katherine! :-)
I like you all ready. When Launch 2007 started I went to a Microsoft seminar, here in Denver. I received a copy of Office @007 pro. I go to an online offcie programs are a must. I downloaded your book... First Look Ooffice 2007 Pro... Hard to read..from this screen. But a good reference source. Would love to print it out.. but can't.
chat more later..thanks Katherine

2:42 PM  

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