Friday, November 11, 2005

Fall 2005 Update

[Fall 2005, Indianapolis, IN] Okay, we're into the last quarter of the year. How is that possible?! This has been an exciting time, full of all kinds of creative writing opportunities and interesting projects. Here's a quick overview of some of my current and recently finished happenings:

  • New work with Windows Live and Office Live! Exciting stuff. See my technology blog, BlogOffice, for more about that.

  • I'm beginning research on Office 12 for a whole array of new book projects. Life is good! Office 12 is amazing.

  • I'm working as the web content editor and writer for The Hive, a community for leaders of online technology groups. I absolutely love it. We've just gone through a redesign that opens some areas of The Hive to the public; so if you're interested in getting the latest on Microsoft developments, be sure to visit ( And if you're the leader of an online tech group, you can apply for membership and get access to special info, offers, contests, and more.

  • I've been writing the monthly enewsletter and doing the web updates for the Microsoft Mindshare group as well. This community is for leaders of real-time, face-to-face user groups throughout the world. It's a great group of people who love to get together and talk technology. Visit the community and find out more by going to

  • I wrote the web content for the Intergeneration Photo Story Contest, going on now at Get together with someone from another generation and create a photo story (using Windows Photo Story 3, which you can download here for free); then submit it to the site. You could win one of 10 Xbox 360s or $300 in gift certificates--your choice!

  • Finished writing and editing new content for a print piece called The Holiday Helpbook filled with practical and fun info on how to use digital images and more to come up with unique holiday projects. That magazine will have national distribution through a variety of traditional channels, so look for it in a mailbox or newsstand near you!

    Mike Torres and I finished our fun and amazing book :) Share Your Story: Blogging with MSN Spaces. I'm uploading the cover so you can see it--isn't it great? We're not sure on the release date of the book yet because of developments in the new release of MSN Spaces...but stay tuned. It's a great book with lots of insider information and interviews with Microsoft product managers. Stuff you won't find anywhere else! We created a book space we'll be updating with tips and ideas as we get closer to the launch of our book.

In addition to these projects, I've been continuing to work on my new children's book and trying to faithfully recycle submissions back out into the marketplace when they come back with ding letters. It's all just part of the process. Each "no thanks" on a children's book submission gets me one step closer to that "this is just what we've been looking for!" This writing business--it's all about faith and focus. :) Keep a handle on yours, and I'll see you in time for a winter update!

Happy Thanksgiving (coming soon!)


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