Thursday, September 21, 2006

A New Venture

[Fall 2006] As some of you know (because after so many years the line between "client" and "friend" dissolves), I am soon going to be a grandma for the first time (a young, hip grandma at 45, I might add!). It's interesting how the start of a new generation stirs the pot of creative, long-term thinking.

reVisions Plus, Inc., has now been in operation for almost 20 years (April 1, 2008 will be our 20th anniversary). And I have loved writing the books, developing the web pages, writing the articles, and working in the online communities I've been privileged to host. Most of all, I've enjoyed building relationships with great people and companies all over the country and around the world.

With the upcoming arrival of this next generation of our family, my grown kids and I started talking about creating something lasting--something that could potentially outlive us and have a life of its own. We discussed our shared love of good books (especially books from our childhoods) and some of the common concerns we share about the time we live in--the future of our natural resources, our love of animals, our hope for a more harmonious world.

The outcome of those conversations is a new, part-time venture that is being born as part of reVisions Plus, Inc. Starlight Books is a small, family-operated childrens' book publishing company with a mission of "producing books and materials that promote respectful care of the natural world and all beings in it." We are just getting started--our first set of selected manuscripts is currently being reviewed by our newly formed editorial board--but we hope you'll stop by our new site and drop us a note if the mission resonates with you. We'd love to hear your ideas!

This fall we're full of the vision of what matters, what lasts, and where we want to spend our long-term and short-term energies. I hope wherever you are in that journey, you have the time to stop and enjoy the breathtaking colors of the season.


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I wanted to share with you how beautiful your writing and your grand daughter truly are. As you will see from my blog and websites, I have also been consulting for over 20 years. Being an advocate for gender neutrality and equality as well as trying to fighting for my son's and your grand daughters future's - I thought you might be someone I could invite to collaborate with, in the writing of a movie script or reality TV program I am considering. I have been working on this, as you will see, for quite sometime (and as you will see from the 1st day of my blog by scrolling down to bottom of the main page). I sincerely hope to see your comments noted on my site very soon in reply to this invitation to join in a personal mission to share our love, respect, and in the making a difference in the lives of others, in a positive way - everyday, at this very critical time in our nations history and our children's and grand-children's futures.

Please share my story with your literary contacts, as I will be yours - with mine.

Best Wishes - always,

Steve Rene
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