Friday, July 22, 2005

Back from the Edge of the World

Okay, so how does a person get so busy that she can't even post a single entry between February and July?! If you have an answer to that one, let me know. My only answer is that I've been joyfully and creatively busy. reVisions Plus, Inc. is thriving! We have clients all over the country and we've been doing fun, creative, and challenging things, including:
  • Developing, editing, and producing an international manual for the World-Class Fund Raising School (for Center on Philanthropy)

  • Writing Microsoft Office Your Way: Smart Solutions for Small Business, which will go in all the software packages of Microsoft Office Small Business Edition sold internationally (how cool is that? (for Microsoft Press)

  • Designing blogs and researching great ideas and applications for MSN Spaces (a great new blogging site that ties seamlessly into Hotmail and Messenger). This is the newest book I'm writing (with co-author Mike Torres, lead program manager for Spaces) to be published by Microsoft Press later this year (pub date to be announced)

  • Writing digital lifestyle articles for Windows Marketplace

  • Writing, developing, and researching for a great new Microsoft site (still in development and not public yet)

And that's just the half of it. I hope wherever you are and whatever you're into, you're finding plenty of time for sun and fun during these beautiful summer months!

Till later,

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